Together, we create a mindset of asking customers what they want, under promise/over deliver, and exceeding client expectations.

Design reward systems using incentives to motivate workers to do the right things.  

Create a team that incorporates all the skills required to deliver products and services that create more value for the client than your bill. 

Does your model require a direct sales force to acquire new customers?  Then your reward system should be highly performance oriented.  

Certain business models call for people with particular mindsets.  For example, some business models call for particularly entrepreneurial mechanisms to bring products and services to market.  Such models must give employees significant leeway, which means hiring proactive, but dependable, free thinkers.

People do business with people and that requires a know/like/trust relationship.  If you are doing business on the Internet, you still have to build relationships and that may require a different approach to building that level of trust.  

Dan Sullivan, the Strategic Coach, recommends delegating everything except “Genius.” Take the time and make the effort to become the best at what you do and delegate the rest to those who are very good at things you don’t like or does not the best utilization of your time.  Surround yourself with people skilled at critical tasks required by the business that you do not possess.