Methodologies For Business Model Design

Proven methodologies optimize opportunities and resolve challenges.


Consulting Methodologies utilized in providing cost-effective solutions for clients are methods or approaches to tackle a particular challenge, problem or client engagement.  They also identify opportunities for growth, increasing revenues and expense management.
In working with clients, we examine five areas of the company that need to be aligned:
Strategy – Primary objectives and financial goals are reflected in the Business Model.
Structure – The Business Model determines the optimal organization structure to be adopted.
Processes – Each Business Model demands different processes.
Rewards – A corporate reward system must incorporate incentives that encourage employees to do the right thing.
Consulting methodologies utilized in delivering results to our clients include:
Focus groups, interviewing, similar sampling techniques
Problem solving, decision making, and planning
Innovation and creativity
Communication, feedback, and interpersonal relations
Strategy formulation and implementation
Behavior modification and morale
Performance evaluation and succession planning
Coaching and counseling
Conflict resolution and negotiating
Our clients benefit from the application of proven consulting methodologies as they provide a frame of reference, structure, and often a prescribed set of activities and task that will be undertaken in a particular and logical order.