Guiding The Business Model Process

 Blueprint leads to organizational structure, process, and system changes. 


 Every business model design is unique, presents its own challenges, and defines different critical success factors.  Every organization starts from a different point, has its own context and objectives, and a different reason for initiating the project.  Some may be reacting to a crisis situation, some may be seeking new growth potential, some may be in startup mode, and others may be planning to introduce a new product or technology to the market. The FLB Business Model helps you tackle the core challenge of your business – creating compelling products and services customers want to buy.  The process effectively designs, tests, creates, and manages products and services customers need and are willing to buy.  Companies frustrated by new product meetings based on hunches or senior management who have watched an expensive product launch fail will find an innovative and profit driven approach to new product development.  Through this process, you will get closer to customers and avoid wasting time with ideas that don’t work.


Financial Legacy Builders adopts 5 phases within the process: Mobilize, Understand, Design, Implement and Manage.  Since each customer is unique, each business model design will require taking those unique factors into account.