Financial Legacy Builders' Path To Profitability!

Financial Legacy Builders enables small to mid-sized businesses increase profits using innovative business models to create value.

Numerous innovative business models are being introduced every day.  New industries emerge as old ones crumble.  Many former icons are struggling to reinvent themselves or perish.  The next generation of technology and “newcomers” are challenging the old guard. 

The Financial Legacy innovative business model designs are based upon the Business Model Generation tools designed by Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur. The primary purpose for the design process is to help clients understand and methodically address the challenges of succeeding in the world of tomorrow’s enterprises.  The Business Model Generation approach has been selected because these ground-breaking concepts have been applied and tested around the world. They are being used by small and large corporations and we have seen the difference work with our clients.


Allan Weis, consulting industry guru, has identified “10 driving forces that are that dominate an organization.”  The primary driving force is seldom profit and tends to be unconscious, unspoken, and due to competitors or technology.  


Those driving forces include:

Ø  Products/services offered

Ø  Customers

Ø  Target Markets

Ø  Technology

Ø  Production requirements and capacity

Ø  Required resources

Ø  Sales process

Ø  Distribution channels

Ø  Size/growth of operation

Ø  Return/profit


An integral part of the Financial Legacy Builder process, is to choose which driving force makes sense for your organization and what innovation is needed to make the changes needed. 

Once the scope of the assignment has been identified, Financial Legacy Builders submits a proposal to include the following:


Ø  Summary of the circumstances, challenges, and desired results

Ø  Engagement objectives

Ø  Measures of Success

Ø  Value

Ø  Methodology and Options

Ø  Timing

Ø  Joint Accountabilities

Ø  Terms and Conditions