Financial Legacy Builders is the Pathway To Success!

The Financial Legacy Builders Transition Strategies to Financial Freedom.

A transition specialty firm, Financial Legacy Builders, LLC enables clients to manage change, leverage achievements, and transition to their definition of financial freedom. We work with tax-advantaged and asset protection vehicles to meet your requirements.  Custom  solutions are designed to meet individual goals, enhance client relationships, retain key employees, and maintain family harmony for future generations. 

The FLB Transition Strategies are designed for:

  • Your definition of “Financial Freedom” 
  • Business Succession 
  • Tax Reduction 
  • Asset Protection 
  • Creditor Protection  
  • Future Cash Flow and Distribution Strategies 
  • Estate Planning  

FLB Financial Freedom & Legacy Strategy for Business Men & Women
“Properly designed, funded and maintained, the FLB Financial Freedom & Legacy Strategy can be utilized to supplement income for business men and women while creating a legacy for their families.”

Sample FLB Financial Freedom and Legacy Plan:

  • There are many vehicles available to clients seeking financial freedom.  While life insurance is not available to and/or appropriate for every client.  It is a financial vehicle that can be very powerful and is frequently overlooked.   
  • Utilizing this vehicle, a life insurance policy is purchased and owned by a Trust.  The policy is funded with loans (usually from the Grantor of the Trust) made to the Trust. The arrangement is designed to be in compliance with IRS Split Dollar Regulations.  
  • The Trust should be empowered to receive a stream of income from the policy as withdrawals to basis and policy loans.  The Trustee may use the stream of income from the policy to satisfy the split dollar loans. 
  • The funds received by the Grantor (Lender) in repayment of the split dollar loans may be used by the Grantor (Lender) as supplement income.
  • Generally, at death you leave an asset protected legacy that is income AND estate tax free.  Assets are distributed pursuant to the terms of the trust.  The beneficiaries of the Trust receive an amount equal to the life insurance policy’s death benefit proceeds less any outstanding premium loans and accrued interest.

Simple Step by Step Processes
Business Men & Women

Simple 5 Step Transition Process:
  • Develop personal & financial profiles
  • Design a plan that meets your unique profile and goals, including flexibility for future changes
  • Review alternatives and agree upon plan of action
  • Assemble Your Transition Team
  • Implementation & Execution

The FLB Transition Strategy for Business Owners
“Business owners adopt solutions designed in a holistic approach to meet personal, business, and future generation needs”

Sample Business Succession Strategy

  • The business succession process can take 3-5 years to complete.
  • Forward thinking business owners take the time to explore options and work with professionals to ensure business continuity, financial security, and long-term family harmony.  
  • Issues to be considered include:
             →  Elements that Influence Business Successions
             →  Exit now or wait (until when)?
             →  Ways to Increase Business Value
  • Key Players in the Deal Making 
             →  Commercial & Investment Bankers
             →  Appraisers (business and equipment)
             →  M&A Accountants
             →  M&A Attorneys
  • Determine the Value of a Company 
  • Why buyers buy, who are they, and how to find them? 

Simple Step by Step Processes
Business Owners

Simple 6 Step Transition Process:
  • Develop personal & business profiles
  • Identify individual stakeholder needs (owners, family, clients, employees, financiers)
  • Design a plan that meets your unique goals while addressing all stakeholder needs 
            →Include flexibility for future changes
  • Review alternatives and agree upon plan of action
  • Assemble the transition team
  • Implementation & execution