American Cancer Society


Kay Bogolin became involved with American Cancer Society (ACS) for networking purposes.  As a new Financial Services Professional, she was interested in making connections within the Barrington business community.   

She was Team Captain for Believers in Better Birthdays for 4 years and in the last year, she was on the Event Planning Committee.  Over the years, she developed many friends as well as business connections.  While she knew her mother had cancer many years prior, she never knew what kind of cancer or about the treatment.  

ACS provided information about her mom’s Cervical Cancer as well as how treatments have evolved over the years.  She was surprised when she learned about the painful invasive treatment, but even more horrified to learn that her mom had been suffering from the after effects of treatment for more than 35 years.

As she developed a better understanding, she and her mom became much closer.  Kay was grateful for the bond they developed and became a big supporter of ACS.  

In 2012, Kay was diagnosed and treated for skin cancer.  Fortunately, the treatment was minor and she has been in remission ever since.  With close ties to ACS, she was surrounded by individuals who were very concerned and supportive.  Having gone through the experience, made her much more passionate about the need for a cure and the value ACS has provided in funding research. 

In 2013, Kay became a charter member of the ACS Illinois Women’s Leadership Circle, one of many Leaderships Circles in select states to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of ACS.  The Illinois Circle became an influential network of like-minded women, forward thinking women united with a common purpose.