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With the ever-increasing pace of technology and innovation, one guarantee is change. Businesses need to be smart and flexible enough to predict trends, leverage opportunities, and exceed customer expectations. 


§  Financial Legacy Builders helps small to mid-sized businesses navigate change and achieve success.  Without a solid plan of action, your business may not achieve its greatest potential.  In fact, never has the need for comprehensive planning, well-orchestrated execution, and an ability to change been greater.  If successful, the experience can be very rewarding.  Failure to achieve an effective transition can lead to insecurity, disharmony, and financial chaos.


§  As a profitability coach, I help businesses create a blueprint to profitability.  Together, we evaluate your company’s Infrastructure, Product/Service Offerings, Customers, and Finances.  Through the process, we examine the financial impact of change on those fundamentals and realign the organization as required for a successful response. 


§  In the Forward to the book The Go-Giver, by Bob Burn and John David Mann, Ariana Huffington writes “Giving, touching others’ lives, expanding the circle of our concern to include others, being authentic, and being always open to receiving as well as giving.” Her words express the power and simplicity of the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success introduced in the book’s subtitle: “A Little Story About A Powerful Business Idea.”   


§  Because of my experience with companies in diverse industries, I understand the challenges of navigating the rough waters and high tide of transitions. As a Profitability Coach, I have the opportunity to help others achieve success by doing what I do best.


§  My experience, combined with insights from The Go-Giver, tools from Alex Osterwalder, Yvest Pigneur, and a host of other brilliant teachers, I extend my hand to help your company achieve greater heights.   I look forward to unlocking your door to “Stratospheric Success” as we follow the never-ending path introduced by The Go-Giver.


 Thank you for inviting us into your journey, 

Kay Bogolin